Presenting our patented face mask spray to disinfect your mask and replace bad odours with an incredible crisp aroma.

Revive, refresh and revitalize your face mask.

Life has changed

COVID-19 has changed the world. Face masks have proven to be a viable solution to protect ourselves against contagious diseases.

Unfortunately, all of us have experienced the dreadful experience of wearing face masks. Sweat and odour producing bacteria discourage us to wear face masks.

Face masks are the perfect breeding surface for bacteria – a humid and warm environment. Viruses can also survive for weeks on masks.

Our solution

To combat the aversion of wearing a face mask contaminated with sweat, germs and unpleasant odours – we have developed a patented, groundbreaking disinfecting face mask spray.

Unmask is applied by a simple spray bottle onto your face mask, which will disinfect your mask and replace odour producing bacteria with a crisp aroma.

You will experience a new tantalizing world of renewed freshness inside you previously dreaded face mask.

How does it work?

Simply spray Unmask Fragrance onto your face mask. Wait 30 seconds and wear your mask to experience the crisp aroma of your refreshed face mask.


The risk of wearing a contaminated mask will be reduced.


Your face mask will smell incredible.

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